DayZ Mod Memory Hack

This particular hack is for the DayZ Mod only! It won’t work with Standalone!


*No Recoil
*Thermal Vision
*Increased Damage
*Extend Draw Distance
*Alter Time of day (client side)
*And more…


Step 1. Extract this archive to your desktop

Step 2. Open reclass_64

Step 3. Select the “open…” button in the top left corner

Step 4. Open DayZ Memory Hack.reclass

Step 5. Select “Edit Class”

Step 6. Select each class and press ok after clicking the class. Do this until you have all the classes open

Step 7. Select the “baseclasspointer” tab

Step 8. Select the little arrows untill you get to the hack you want to use. e.g. Recoil



Verified undetected by BattlEye  Client: 1.230 as of .

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Download link below



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Welcome to the DayZ Hacks Zone

Welcome to the DayZ Hacks Zone. Keep checking back as I add the latest undetected hacks for the DayZ Mod and DayZ Standalone.


P.S. I took a quick glance at the site currently around. I’d probably avoid sites like****.com, hackerbot.***/fps/dayz,¬†and similar sites! Some of these sites are obviously containing malware and some are selling fake hacks! If it looks fake, it probably is! Don’t get your cd-key stolen.